2012 Texas Trails and Active Transportation Conference



Kathy Joslyn Service Award (Inaugural award)

Recipient Charlie McCabe, Executive Director at the Austin Parks Foundation

After 16 years in private industry at a large corporation Charlie admittedly followed his love of the outdoors and combined his passion with his management skills overseeing fundraising, strategy and key projects fort the Austin Parks Foundation. He was instrumental in a successful 2004 American Trails National conference in Austin and recently took a position closer to family at the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway in Boston.


Great Texas Trail Boss Service Award for Business

Recipient Dr. Albert Halff, PE, Founder, Halff Associates Inc.

Dr. Albert Halff never designed a single trail in his life. But he has given us much more than that. He created a framework of thinking, an open minded approach to the often practical world of engineering that has ultimately lead to some of the best trails in Texas, and that will have far-reaching effects for many decades to come for everyone that calls Texas home.

Dr. Halff began to foster the idea of engineers as the new “renaissance” thinkers of the 20th Century, during the 1960’s when he pioneered the idea of “flood plain management” in which an entire watershed is evaluated not only to solve its flooding concerns but also in terms of its economic and recreation potential. Today, we take it for granted that floodplain strategies will consider natural solutions and will incorporate trails if possible, but in the 1960’s this idea was very foreign to the practice of flood protection. The very idea of multiple objectives and benefits being addressed at one time was not readily accepted at that time.

His ground-breaking projects paved the way for engineers and designers to think outside the box and not be afraid in doing so. He created a legacy both in his firm and outside of it of imagining ways in which cities can be both prosperous but take care of their valuable green spaces. His firm has now planned many thousands of miles of trails and bicycle facilities, and has built hundreds of miles of trails.

Great Texas Trail Boss Service Award for Community Volunteer

Recipient Jack A. Sparkes, Garland Parks and Recreation Department

Jack Sparkes, trail steward for the 15.5 miles of Mountain Bike Trails in the Rowlett Creek Preserve/Rowlett Creek Greenbelt, has recorded over 2,800 hours of volunteer public service, over the past 15 years, towards the planning, construction and maintenance of the off-road bicycle trail system in Garland.

Jack builds new trail, maintains and repairs existing trails, and in an effort to sustain the ongoing volunteer efforts, trains others to do the same. Working closely with the City of Garland Parks & Recreation Department, Jack provides an invaluable insider perspective on the specific needs of his active recreation user group. At a time of staff downsizing and dwindling budgets, Jack provides valuable eyes in the field, coordinating larger maintenance items (which are above and beyond average volunteer skills) with the City’s Park Operations division. He’s an unofficial “park ambassador” whose knowledge of the greenbelt, skill set in trail building, and willingness to talk and work with dozens of riders makes him a reliable resource for trail patrons.

Great Texas Trail Award, Public Category

Recipient Kenneth Hyde, Project Manager, Brazos River Authority - Possum Kingdom Hike & Bike Trail.

The Possum Kingdom Hike and Bike Trail was a three phase, multi faceted project at Possum Kingdom Lake with 16 miles of trails being developed over the past six years. In 2011 several obstacles had to be overcome to reach completion including severe drought conditions and devastating wildfires.

The Possum Kingdom Hike and Bike Trail is a natural surface trail that travels through four BRA Parks (But Beach, Sandy Beach, Scenic Cove and South D&D) and is adjacent to three other parks. There are no trail fees and it is maintained by BRA personnel and volunteers. The parks offer trailheads, camping, playgrounds, shelters (tables, fire pits and grills), swimming areas, boat amps, courtesy docks, boat trailer parking, restrooms/showers and even a fishing pier.

Great Texas Trail Head Award, Public Category

Recipient Linda Cornelius, Director of Parks & Recreation, Highland Village, Texas - Inland Trails System

The City’s carefully planned trail system connects its citizens to significant community features, schools, and fine shopping and dining, to the recreational Lewisville Lake through the City’s rolling hill terrain. The Inland Trails takes you from your home to the lake along the nature hike & bike trails to parks, schools, shopping, restaurants, and even a bicycle repair shop. Families can ride their bikes together, jog and/or walk their pets, shop and eat together, and enjoy nature throughout the trails. “I love to kayak and walk the nature trails with my dogs almost every day,” one resident comments. With only about 16,000 residents, the City of Highland Village is a progressive community with a dynamic trail system planned for their citizen’s needs.

Great Texas Trail Head Planning/Design Award, Public Entity

Recipient Adam Wood, Project manager, Halff Associates, Inc. for the City of Lewisville - 2011 Trails Master Plan.

The 2011 Trails Master Plan is the first plan of its type for the City of Lewisville. Therefore, the purpose of this plan is to provide a comprehensive approach toward trail planning, design and maintenance. The end result is a broad vision for the future, detailed design guidance, and a clear path for implementation.

An essential component of this project was the public involvement process, which included focus group meetings with cyclists, runners, and the general pubic; a public workshop.

Development of Lewisville’s plan was closely coordinated with ongoing long-range planning efforts, including the Regional Veloweb, the Denton County Transit Authority’s upcoming bicycle pathway, the City’s Thoroughfare Plan/Comprehensive and TxDot projects.

Great Texas Trail Head Planning/Design Award - Public Entity

Recipient Abigail Kinnison, Senior Service Planner, VIA Metro/City of San Antonio Parks & Recreation Dept. - Ingram Transit Center Trailhead

The Ingram Transit Center Trailhead is the result of a joint effort between VIA Metropolitan Transit and the City of San Antonio Parks and Recreation, Linear Creek Greenways Division.

Included in the project is additional bike parking and four future electric vehicle charging stations. This trailhead provides seamless access to passenger amenities located at the Ingram Transit Center such as restrooms, drinking water, customer service representatives and vending machines. Staff has also partnered to further link transit service in other areas along the 13 mile Leon Creekway to allow citizens to hike, bike and bus to their destinations.

Great Texas Trail Head – Planning/Design Award - Public Entity

Recipient Julia Diana, Senior Management Analyst for Sustainable Transportation, Office of Environmental Policy, City of San Antonio - Bike Plan 2001 + Implementation Strategy and Jim Carillo, Director of Planning, Half Associates Inc.

In 2008, the City of San Antonio adopted a policy focusing on bicycling and other transportation options to improve the environmental integrity of the city and region.

The Bicycle Plan, developed by Halff Associates, Inc. emphasizes connecting on- and off-street networks, a strong public input process, and research and adoption of best practices from around the nation.

Over 4,000 miles of roadways were analyzed, resulting in a network recommendation of 1,768 miles that heavily emphasizes connectivity from any part of greater San Antonio.

While the bicycle plan is housed in the Office of Environmental Policy, the goal is to institutionalize bicycling in city departments and agencies across the region. Implementation of the plan requires coordination and cooperation of departments, agencies, and organizations to leverage resources and strengthen efforts by the Parks & Recreation, Public Works, Metro Health, VIA Transit Authority, San Antonio River Authority, San Antonio MPO, bike shops, advocacy groups and other interested parties.

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