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This site is provided to you by Texas Trails Network and a multitude of TrailMasters. A TrailMaster is an individual, either a full or an associate member of Texas Trails Network, that takes responsiblity for entering information on trails they manage or use frequently. If you are not already registered, you need to do so now to get started.

If trail use, building, maintenance or promotion is important to your organization or you individually, you should become a member.

If you have an interest in trails you frequent and wish to give others the benefit of your input, you can do this as an associate.

Once you are registered, Click "Add Trail" to get started. Remember, you must be logged in to add or edit your trails. The following sections will give more information on features and facilities available to TrailMasters.

The TTN Board

Trail Ratings & User Comments

You can now give feedback on trails in the TTN database. Just find trails you know with the Trail Finder and give it from 1 to 5 stars. Share your experience with other users! Click here for information on ratings.

You can also share comments on trails with others. Click the 'Comment' button at the bottom of each trail detail report. Comments are monitored and must be approved by TTN before they are displayed to the public.

TrailMasters - Link Your Trails to FaceBook or Other Social Sites

Link your trail to its page on FaceBook or similar sites using the new Social Site link. You can provide up to four links for each trail. Check out the sites that can be linked:

FaceBook Twitter
MySpace Buzz
LinkedIn Orkut
Flickr Wikipedia

If you have a Social page covering multiple trails, link each trail to that page.

These eight sites were selected because of their popularity. If you think others would also be useful, let us know!

Now Using
Google Maps v3

We have reworked our interface with Google Maps to use the much improved Version 3 API. Benifits of our implemenation of v3 include:

  • Optimized performance on iPhones and Android Phones
  • Access to bicycling and walking as well as driving directions
  • Display of trail descriptions and links to individual maps from multi-trailhead displays
  • Improved performance when locating unplaced trailheads
  • Access to map terrain view
  • Enables the future inclusion of trail tracks

If you are a trailmaster, check the display of your trail information on the map. You may wish to edit your description to enhance your marker display.

TrailMasters - Add Maps and Photos to Trail Info

Texas TrailMasters can now add maps, photos or other graphics to their trail info. Just log on and use the Trail Finder to locate your trail. In the right-hand column of the trail display, click the 'Images' link at the top and you will be able to upload graphic files (.jpg or .gif) up to 1 Mb in size. Don't be the last trail in the State without photos and maps... update yours now!

Great Examples

Send a message to Webmaster if your trails should be featured here!

Is Your Trail On The Map?

Google Maps interface for the trailhead!

We are very pleased to be offering maps and driving directions to trailheads listed in our database utilizing Google Maps API.

If a valid street address is available for the trailhead(s) or the GIS / GPS coordinates have been entered, the trailhead(s) will be mapped with optional satellite backgrounds and zoom-in-out facilities. Use the Trail Finder (left-upper) to search for trails with 'Trailhead Mapable' box checked and see the 500+ currently available. Click here to do it.

If your trail is not on the map, then no coordinates have been entered. Just give a nearby street address to display on the map. You can display the aerial, grab the marker and move it visually to the parking lot of the trailhead. The coordinates can be displayed at any time by clicking the marker. If you are the TrailMaster, there will be an 'Update' button displayed with the coordinates. Click this to copy the coordinates into the trail data.

All registrations are previewed by TTN staff prior to publication. Once geo-oriented and published, full descriptions, trailhead maps and driving directions are available.

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Locate your next Trail Outing here!

We have completed a major effort to clean up and verify the information in our extensive database of trails in Texas. With over 880 trails in the database, keeping this up-to-date is an ongoing task and new trails are being created all the time.

If so many trails overwhelm you, NO PROBLEM! Just click 'Find Trail' in the navigation bar to locate your next destination or discover neighborhood jewels.

Example Trail Searches...

Click here for a long bike ride in Texas. You'll see 24 locations across the state where you can do at least 10 miles of road bicycling.

Looking for a birding trail for walkers that also accommodates power assisted vehicles and has picnic facilities in northeast Texas? Keep the whole family happy by clicking here.

Whether you like walking, jogging, hiking, nature study, birding, cycling, in-line skating, equestrian activities, canoeing or off-road vehicles, you will find trails that welcome you and provide the facilities that you need. Just click either the 'Find Trail' link in the navigation bar to the left.

Keep Your Trail Information Up-To Date

It is even easier to keep your trail information up-to-date. Just log on to the TTN Portal and find your trail using the Trail Finder. If you are the TrailMaster or Alternate contact for the trail, an 'Edit' button will appear at the bottom of the trail information display.

For more information on managing your trail listings, click here to see our new Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

We depend heavily upon input from trail providers, such as Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, City and County Parks departments and trail enthusiasts for our information. If you are one of the above, please go to the TTN portal, using the 'Join TTN' link in the upper-left of this page, and register for membership and become a TrailMaster. If you are already a member, you should check the information on your trails and on yourself to be sure the right word gets out on one of our most valuable resources, access to Texas open spaces.

Now Tracking Trail Life Stages

We are now tracking the stages of trail life from 'prospect' to 'retired'. In the past, we have only listed trails that are available for use at this time. As part of our effort to encourage the Great Texas Trail, we need to know not only what exists, but what will be coming in the future. If you are involved with trails in development, please enter as much information as is currently available and set the stage according to its current stage. As the trail stage changes, be sure and update your records to keep your listing current. Stages are:

  • Prospect
  • Proposed
  • Planned
  • Programmed
  • Construction
  • Available
  • Renovation
  • Retired
  • Unless specificly requesting trails at another stage, normal trail searches will only return trails that are 'Available'.

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