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Check here for issues related to legislation or other actions that may impact trails in Texas. TTN members can log on to the portal and send a message regarding issues to be displayed here!
In recent forums and discussions, we've learned of significant interest in locating documented evidence of the benefits trails bring to communities. Following is a series of links we're confident will help you make your case:

Transportation Research Board 2005 Special Report 282 - Does the Built Environment Influence Physical Activity?Click here for PDF document.

Economic Value of Walkability - October 2004 report by Victoria Transport Policy Institute. Click here for PDF document..

Walk, Can't Walk - Health Benefits of a Built Community - on the effects of various approaches to walkability by DawnElla Rust, Ed.D. with the Health Science program at Stephen F. Austin State University, Published in Academic Inquiry, Spring 2005, Volume I, Number 2. Click here for PDF document.

TPWD Evaluation Recommendation: "Promote the Economic Multiplier Effect that Park Visitors and Wildlife Viewers Bring to the Texas Economy" - Click here for PDF document.

Dallas/Fort Worth's Regional Vision for Walking and Bicycling - Click here for web page.










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